Short word limit when creating tags

Hope everyone is well. I am just posting this to have a record. I don’t know if it is just my Laptop that’s doing this. I haven’t checked in any other platform.


As, you can see in the image, I cannot finish the “Infection” word when, creating the tag “Upper respiratory tract infection”.


Outline the steps needed to reproduce the behavior in sequence.

  1. Go to any Set in Anytype
  2. ᅟCreate a tag
  3. Try to write a tag about 36 + characters long.
  4. The cursor stops at 35 characters, for me.
  5. I was able to provide you screen capture above.


I will be able to write a tag with as many characters as necessary


  • OS:

Windows 11

  • Device:
    Dell laptop
  • Anytype Version:
    ᅟDesktop 0.29.1


I am eagerly waiting for the new data management system. Thanks to everybody for making this awesome app.

Hello @Tamalika

Thank you for the report!

You may have noticed that your report was flagged by the system and thus required mod-screening?

  • This was because you left in the :pencil2: emoji from the template instructions. The emojis are there just to indicate where you should write something, please remove all emojis and template instructions next time so your report will be posted right away :ok_man:

Edit: Sorry @Tamalika , the image which was not loading in your report was not due to user-error, as implied, but rather to a CDN certifcate/hosting problem on the forum-side. All is fine now, apologies for the trouble :raised_hands:

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So sorry about what happened with the image. I didn’t make sure what format was acceptable. Thank you for telling me about it so kindly. Also didn’t know about the emojis. I guess from your post that I can use use the emojis like this - :pray:

I have uploaded a video. Kind of having a litle bit of problem with converting my screenshots to .jpg format. But I will figure it out.
The video is an external link though. I have posted other videos like this. If that is not the best option then tell me please.

Sorry again and thanks.

No worries at all, just wanted to make it easier for you in the future.

The image problem was not your fault…I will report back when I have more information.

Edit* We are having a technical issue with the forums. Fixed


Hello again.

Thank you for letting me know. I was stressing a little about what happend. Now, I guess, things have worked out.

Good wishes for everybody


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Raised limit 10 times.


I can now write the whole “Upper respiratory tract infection” tag. I am posting an image below. Thanks so much. I think this topic can be marked as solved.

Again well wishes to everybody.

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No, you can’t because we didn’t release it yet, the menu for option editing does not check the length though.

OK then feel free to do what is needed with this topic.

You are correct. I was just trying to make a tag “perinatal acute respiratory disease” but could not. the words stopped at “perinatal acute respiratory di”.
Posting to add an update. Thanks

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