Short presentation of my knowledge organization system

Hello all! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to show you a short presentation of my space that I have organized in Anytype. This presentation is an introductory one, in which I will try to show you how I structured knowledge and information on topics, sections.

The public liked my last topic about the organization of the library, so I decided to continue publishing.
For each screenshot, I made explanations in English, since I type all the text in another language (forgive me for that).
My Anytype is built on the tree method, I have divided large topics into smaller ones. Each topic is related to another. It represents a constant branching. I sometimes change the names of sections, add new information, make changes to the structure of pages and cards. At the moment, this is the actual view and display of my space in Anytype.

Time to start :man_teacher:

For clarity, I shot a short video in which my Anytype will be shown in more detail. :cinema:

I would like to say thank you to the Anytype team that created such a program. Anytype motivates me to learn new information and organize my knowledge and ideas.

Thank you @sambouwer and @Charlotte for the inspiration to publish and show your space in Anytype. :blush:


No need of asking for forgiveness for typing in another language . Btw great job with the setup . It may help someone here to improve their setup .


Thank you for your feedback. I’ll take your comment into consideration.

Thank you, @Konstantin!!

I love your examples and demo video. When we understand better how our community uses the product, it gives us lots of fresh inspiration for improving the product.

Btw, I wish my Anytype looked as beautiful as yours :laughing:


:grinning: :grinning:Many people like the visual design of my Anytype. It’s nice for me.

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It looks very good. It provides me with ideas. I hope there are more solutions. Thank you for sharing


I’m glad I helped you.

Hi @Konstantin the dashboard looks super awesome!! How did you create that page ( the first screenshot) how do you have that Fullscreen wallpaper? if i provide a cover to a page it is shown only upper part of the page. please help.

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Hi. Try to use higher resolution images. I think I downloaded 2k, or maybe 4k at all.

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If you mean the first image which says “Favorites, History, Sets and Bin”, that’s not available anymore.
What you can do now it’s something like the second image.

beautiful!! well done. you’ve actually inspired me to finally get mine all set up!

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It’s funny that I shared my projects more than a year ago, but they inspire people. :upside_down_face: