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So far i’m loving Anytype!

I have two anytype setups at the moment- one for personal and one for work. I decided to export one of my pages from the work anytype (into any-block format) and then imported it with ease into my personal anytype (a fairly simple page with no overly complicated relations). Since this was rather easy, I am wondering if a database or repository of community templates could be set up where people could share any-block compatible templates and page ideas, where the anyblock template files could be held? A bit like how one can get notion templates online.
I understand sets and relations can get messy so I am more suggesting in terms of things like layouts/colours/textstyles/blockstyles.

I see this topic was posted before but has had no responses.


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In the latest Town Hall they mentioned something called “Any experiences” coming until the end of the year. If I understood correctly, it would be something like this. A Template library for community users. You can check the recording here.

(Someone correct me if I understood it wrongly please!)

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