Sharing our Feature Roadmap

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

After having shared our product vision roadmap in our townhall earlier this week, we’d like to supplement the discussion with our feature roadmap:

UPDATE 26 May 2023: Roadmap link has been updated

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Kindly note that this is not intended to be comprehensive list of all features & bugs that will be implemented in the next year. We want to use this document to share which high-level projects have already been confirmed, and our estimates for delivery.
    If you do not see a certain project on the roadmap this does not mean it will not be implemented, rather that it hasn’t been planned & scoped yet. Bugs & ‘smaller’ features that are not related to any particular project will also not appear in the roadmap; these are normally addressed directly in the community or in upcoming releases.

  • Each roadmap item includes a very high-level description of the project and links to related forum threads/feature requests. If you have questions/concerns about the specificities of implementation, please comment in the relevant discussion in forums; we will continue to use this place as the main place to engage and discuss.

  • The roadmap will be updated on a regular basis. Our estimates and priorities for certain projects may sometimes change. In general, the nearest quarter(s) is going to be the most accurate, while the farther out we go, the less precise and numerous the projects will be.

Thanks for your interest in helping us build the best version of Anytype we can! Wishing everyone a great weekend :cupcake: :smiling_face:


That’s an impressive and great looking roadmap. Really pleased with it!

Thank you for making this. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for the implementations

  1. Sidebar/Widget and Dashboard for Mobile Q1
  2. Web clipper Q2
  3. Allow self host Q3
    Top 3 in order of importance to me
    I can’t wait
    Well done guys

This is nice to visually see, especially since being a busy student, I didn’t have time to watch the 1+ hour video of the recent town hall! I’m excited for the future of Anytype, and it has already been an immense help for note-taking! :tada:


Before getting too excited
I hope all features without desktop tag will be available for Android


I’d recommend watching the video if you’re interested. There’s a lot more info in it.


I watched a few minutes of it, but maybe I’ll try to watch more of it when I get a few things swept away as far as school (and preparing for college) goes…


Hope to see more PDF exporting options (numbering,… etc.) But I’m so excited for the handwritten notes, hope it’ll be available for desktops with graphic tablets not only for touchscreens.


That is the current plan and we will do our best to follow it :slight_smile: It’s possible things may change, or some features may be introduced with different timelines on different platforms. Thanks for your support!


That is the point of a roadmap, an indication of what is being worked on and what we could expect. A general guide, not a contract document with fixed dates of delivery. :wink:


The roadmap looks great!

I just have a question about the library redesign and one about handwriting support:

  • Does that include implementing the library on Android? (I can’t speak for iOS since I have no apple devices)
    Since currently types cannot be created or edited on Android.

  • Will Android get landscape support before handwriting on mobile is implemented?

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  • First version of Library on Android in development right now.
  • It is hard to say at the moment, I think should be.

@ignatovv hey, will this feature make it into anytype this year, i.e. opening files from anytype with external applications, editing them and saving changes back to anytype (see


Could not say at the moment. For the first part of the year the priority is quality and performance, public release and overall polishing. We will pay more attention to this request in this context.


Thank you! Maybe it could be part of the „filesystem integration“ project? I think it‘s an essential feature to have in a knowledge hub.


Opening up the API is going to be amazing. Very exciting developments for ths coming year.
And that comes with going open source as well!
Slightly saddened that exposing theme settings isn’t on the board but perhaps this could be done through third party clients initially via API, or even forking when the repos go public


I see there has been a “backlog” added to the “roadmap”.
That is awesome! I love that! It shows things that have not been forgotten!

I would like to see more items added there for latter also.


  • canvas :art:
  • Ai :robot:
  • file manager :file_folder:
  • advanced calendar :date:
  • blocks
  • video/audio advanced player with searchable transcript
  • OCR Search :mag:

Thank you for what you do have! I am greatful!