Sharing Invitation code with my team?

Hi guys Thanks for having me here I’ve just got my invitation code to join this incredible Platform which is a life savers by the way. My Question is all of my team is using Notion for now. and I wanted to invite them to use Anytype

Am I able to share my invitation code with them and how i can share certain sets with them to collaborate in it

You cannot share your invitation code with anyone, it can only be used once, and accounts cannot be shared. There are no collaboration features at this time, but they are definitely planned for the future. In the meantime I hope you enjoy testing Anytype. :slight_smile:

I would also mention that, even if such features were available, the application is currently in alpha, and it is strongly recommended that you not store anything important in it. There is the possibility, however slight, of data loss, or at least temporary loss of access to your account. It is unlikely, but should not be ignored.

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