Shared Recents section in Dashboard across platforms


A block opened in mobile doesn’t appear as recent block in desktop app

Steps to reproduce

    1. Open a block on phone
    1. Check the recent section in pc

Expected behavior

The block opened in phone should be on top of the recent list but it isn’t there.


Windows : 20H2

Android: 11

Anytype: 0.18.28

Anytype mobile: 0.1.14

Small thing, but I think you mean “Page” (object type) not “Block”, right?

@Oshyan Oh yeah

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@Tanzeel098 Yeah, this feature works on device. It means recents on Android will differ from Desktop. We will add cross-device feature later this year!

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@Vova Okay cool understood !

@Vova I’m honestly not sure that “recent” should be the same between desktop and mobile. Hard to say. I can see needing different pages on mobile vs. desktop. Maybe sync of that can be optional? I hate to request adding more options though unless really necessary… :thinking:

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@Oshyan It should really be optional, a toggle in the options maybe ?

For example my use case : I mostly use anytype as a knowledge base as a doc, when I’m on rounds or on the ER on my phone I use certain pages as quick references but when I’m at home it’s usually the subject I’m currently reviewing that I open, definetly not the same pages in each case.

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@Inkqb Yeah, exactly. Of course there is “favorites” too, which can address some of that need. Although now I think of it, that will probably be synced between devices. Hmm. And there again I find myself thinking I might want different ones on desktop vs. mobile. So in a way it opens up a whole consideration of how the sync should really work… I think of it is as the difference between:

  • Data - the actual pages and content
  • Settings - configuration, user preferences
  • Activity - local tracking of user activity, including recent pages, but also page edit history

So it’s interesting, because I think it’s pretty clear most would want sync of all data, even if it is selective for “large” data/files (to some degree I consider the size-based sync option a separate issue). I could see some settings being synced between platforms, but honestly there are inevitably settings that will have to be platform-specific.

Maybe there is a distinction to be made between platform-specific settings. e.g. shortcuts, favorites, auto-lock timeout (I’d want mobile to auto-lock vs. not on desktop because it’s more secure, in my house), and “global” settings (not sure of examples off-hand, but I feel like there probably are).

As for Activity, I like the model of current browser sync: shared “history” but separate “recent”. If Anytype does not have the concept of “history” (not sure it should), then “recent” could/should be separate per-platform I think, or again an option. But then page edit history should be shared, of course!

So it’s interesting and complex. :grin: