Shared-Data appearing in the Account of every Person who the Shared-Data is shared to

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
The seperation of shared “collaborative”-data and “private”-data.
EDIT: It is a future-whish. Wanted to share an Idea related to the way it is done in the ecosystem as far as i experienced and as Multiplayer is on the roadmap :slight_smile:

Describe the solution you’d like
Shared data of collaborative spaces can appaer in a page/sets of a person. And would disappear if not shared anymore.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
A. Having two dashes, one dash for the shared stuff (grouptasks), and a space of my own knowledge management (own tasks). But that does not work well. The seperation is producing confusion where a note was made and whether old ones are checked off and so on.
B. Mirroring the shared space data into ones space. But that would not work for tasks, as the status would not mirror back.

Additional context
Many other apps seperate accounts and the data completely. No simple flow of transmitting notes/things from ones private space to a shared space. And not having the chance to prioratize all tasks in life relative to one another.

I don’t have this feature so apparently they A/B testing the community. So I have trouble understanding your request, but are you positive that this is a feature request rather than a bug?

No one has sharing enabled AFAIK and I think this feature request is for future reference.

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I still have a doubt. :thinking: