Share Sheet / Web Clipper

  • ability to add one bookmark/image/etc to multiple collections/groups/etc (simultaneously)
  • ability to tag and add bookmark/image/etc to multiple collections

Hey, could you explain a bit clearer, what you would like to request. Maybe give some examples etc.?

Yes. So let’s say I want to add a website url I’m currently on to a collection/folder of bookmarks. Instead of just being able to add that url to one collection/folder of bookmarks, I’d like to be able to add it to multiple at the same time.

For example, I may be researching the best tires for cars. Maybe I want to add that URL to a bookmark collection titled “Best Tires for Vehicles” and maybe I also want to add that URL to a bookmark collection titled “Most Sustainable Parts for Green Vehicles”.

Some bookmark services don’t allow you to add URLs to more than one collection/folder at a time. I am requesting that Anytype have this type of feature (from the web clipper menu).

The second bullet point is about being able to tag within the web clipper because for example, the Notion web clipper doesn’t have this functionality. And lastly, to be able to add anything through the web clipper/share sheet like images, pdfs, videos, etc. Look to Raindrop for a good example of this…

In terms of overall UI/UX for web clippers, I suppose Evernote, Raindrop, and Diigo are good ones to mimic.

Please check this request:

Yes they are related yet mine is a very specific request that even Evernote is not capable of and very few (if any) web clippers can do…