Sets randomly divided in half when making modifications

Describe the bug
When I make modifications to a set in Anytype, the set is occasionally halved. This is a somewhat random yet common occurrence. Only while making changes to the set, such as opening or removing items, renaming objects, or altering the sort order or filters, have I seen it.

Example below:

I can only resolve the problem by quitting the set or renaming an item.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open a set in Anytype
  2. Modify the set by opening or deleting entries, renaming objects, or changing the sort order or filters.
    (This is a random occurrence, and I can only sometimes duplicate the behavior.)

Expected behavior
When making modifications, the set should not be divided in half.

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 11 Pro
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Desktop
  • Anytype Version: 0.25.4

I would like to add that I have had this behaviour many versions before 0.25.4 and that a refresh of the set/page or a restart of Anytype always solved this issue for me.

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