Sets listing objects with common properties or sub-types


  • Set can show/list objects not only from one object but multiple object types/relations
  • Set can show/list objects that have common property/properties (eg. “from Anna”, “Work”, “tag: art” “date range from-to” or so…
  • Set can show items from nested/child sets eg: set that lists all goals+ideas+files, so then I have the ability to filter out these items with the common date “2020” or type “Q1” or “for my wedding”.
  • extending parameters of base types

It was mentioned in this forum in several places. Still, it’s not merged into one topic - thus overall it has much lower priority than it could have if combined - so I will add yet another one thread that may become the spark for merging it by some administrator/moderator to give it ultimately a higher, well-deserved priority with combined rating.

Let me explain what is it about with some examples of basic usages that the brain would like to achieve, and what with anytype’s assistance cannot.

  1. I need to list out all books, movies, web articles (aka bookmarks) objects in a single place:
  • to decide which of them has the highest priority to read/watch today
  • to know how many of these items I read in 2021
  • to filter out e.g. programming-related or work-related items in these collections of objects to make a category-based sets of different objects
    I assume that each of these sub-types should hve appropriate and common properties like: rating, type, or relation (i.e work).
  1. I need to have graph/list/database/whatever-representation of my pets. Let’s say in my shelter I’ve got 10 dogs, 10 cats, 40 squirrels, and 100 cute hamsters. Each one has its own object page like a current “Person” type, with its weight, age, favorite toy and so on. In the current setup, if I would like to list all of my pets I would need to have 4 sets, with the same set of duplicated properties.
  • dogs
  • cats
  • squirrels
  • hamsters
    What I cannot do - and ultimately want to - is to have “pets” type which has all of my pets with the same parameters - as there is lack of listing child of sets (with common parent/interface/contract/parameters you name it).
  1. We can go even step further. Let’s say I manage 3 shelters and I would like to know which of my pets in all of the places are sick (common property of each animal). To do it now… you know, kinda not doable.
    Basically what is need in such scenario is ability to:
  • list all of the pets (not only cats, as it makes no sense, as similarly listing only books in the reading-list is a limiting task)
  • filtering by custom properties (existing feature as I see) eg. “is sick”, “age” in terms of animals, or “c++” in case of reading list of books, courses, articles
  1. Currently anytype has File object type - which is great. I wanted to filter out pdf’s, and docs - which I would call "documents’ where they have tag “recipe”.
    Then if I have that collection named “recipe files” I would like to have broader set/collection with list/graph that contains them, PLUS
    • recipe (current object type) PLUS
    • bookmarks from web / Instagram with tag “recipes”
    so that I can have them in one place, not scattered across the universe. You know, there are endless cases of it, but you’ve got the idea.

Correct me if I’m wrong but for example File is currently kind of basic/locked type, so it can’t be extended with user-custom properties. This is also my suggestion to have the ability to extend basic types parameters, so that we don’t end up with wrappers type on every base type eg. “file with tag” “file with tag with expiration date with…”

All of these are the same under the hood cases, which in a nutshell needs relationships between objects:
parent → children, (or parent, direct parent, children , direct children)
this can be also done in a way of common properties listing/interfaces/relationships

Finally, let’s say, I want to list every object stored in anytype with tag “for my thesis”, “animal”, “vacation plan” or so., current relations/objects can’t do it, but it is super useful when brainstorming ideating and so on.
In my opinion lack of it stands against the core assumption that: “Anytype (…) works like your brain does.” - I know this slogan is not literal, but still means a lot.

Thanks for reading it! Besides the above suggestions, anytype is a masterpiece in terms of idea and realization.


Hi @Krzysztof, thanks for sharing your ideas on how to improve Anytype! Could you check whether these topics cover the four key improvements you mention in your TL;DR? I got your message that you prefer to have a “main” topic for this combination of requests, but it is still useful to link to those requests :slight_smile: .

I was quite sure I’ve seen this request before, but I cannot find it anymore, so I might be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

This might become possible when the Grouping feature is released for Set Views. There is already a button for this in the Android app, but if you click it, a message is shown that this feature will “come soon”. See related request:

I think the following request is also related, although the source information to base the nesting or grouping on is different (Object hierarchy instead of your idea for common properties).

The file Object type is indeed locked and very limited. See also

Also default Objects and Relations are locked:


Hi @sambouwer - thank you for annotating all of these feature requests. Yes, I think they’re more or less what I wanted to achieve when combined together.