Sets are empty


With the new version of Anytype Beta many but not all sets are empty, while the set and the objects are configured with the same Object type.


  1. Go to any of your sets.
  2. See if they still have their objects.
  3. Some have, some don’t.
  4. Remove type and select it again doesn’t fix the problem.


Expected to see the pages in the set with the same object type.


  • OS:
    Windows 10
  • Anytype Version:


  • I checked and refreshed object type, both on the set as well as the objects but that didn’t fix it. Selecting another object in an empty set fills it with those objects besides those that show up as empty (like selecting Movies as type in the Lego set does not fill up with Movies Objects).
  • Not all custom sets/object types are empty.
  • Objects have not lost their Object Type or template.
  • All objects are still in the graph view and have not been lost.

Also, the Object Type page itself is empty while I click on “Open Type” in an object of that type:

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@Jeroen check your filters. For some of my Sets, the filters got messed up. For example, a Status filter was migrated as “Status EQ ‘empty’”.

Filters are empty or set-up as they where.

I also found a Set that does not show Objects, even without filters.

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Razor confirmed that a specific ID might be missing in the export causing the filters for custom sets to be left out of the export.

Ah oke, that explains the filters but not the empty sets if I understand correctly. Since both object and set have the same object type selected.

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Same issue, objects are pointing to the set, but not visible in the set.
Also unable to create, new set for the same objects.

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.


I have this problem too on Mac. Strangely enough apparently all the objects are there and can be reached upon search or via the graph view. But these objects are not showing correctly in their respective sets.


the same issue also with my windows 11

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Same here on mac, file objects not showing up in set while being present in the app or inside pages


Thanks guys, I’ve added all your comments to the issue.


It’s not fixed as of .43 now is it? Do we know is it gonna get fixed in the nightly builds or it’s planned for the stable build?

@Jason_Bechtel do you get a message when opening the Set that a Type or Relation is missing and needs to be installed? I had that and I was nog able to install the missing Types and Relations (in my case among others, the Task Type was missing but could not be installed, and several Relations like creation date, last modified date, and last modified by were missing). I fixed it with help from someone else (can’t think of who atm) by looking for those Types and Relations in the bin, and restored them from there.

Eidt: could be a side effect of this bug as it should not be possible to delete certain base Types and Relations:


I did a clean install of .44 and imported my data with the protobuff. I’m still checking but it seems that sets are no longer empty. can you check as well? @sambouwer

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What is the protobuff?

an export and import method supported by anytype


This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.


I do not get any message when opening any of the sets that i have created or from AnyType.
there are no objects in any of the sets right now. They do exist but just not in any sets.

I am wondering what i can do…maybe i could uninstall and re-install and import data again…not sure how that would go.

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It’s a long shot as you probably checked as its already mentioned in this thread but are you sure there is no “corrupt” filter set in your Set? I had a few Sets where filters were applied several times which broke the Set, and there sometimes was a filter missing values. Like, “company should be one of …” but then nothing was selected, causing all Objects be filtered out.

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