Set view: render template for each object.

I feel it’d be incredibly useful for one of the set views to be an ordinary page-style view that repeats a user-defined template for each object in the set. Inline relations [as described by @wemiprog](Ability to insert Relations Inline with text) would be a prerequisite.

For example: you have a type Highlight, which represents a selection from a book or webpage. Each has Author: object (Human), Body: text, Source: object (Book or Bookmark), and Notes: text relations. You define a template that uses inline relations to display a single Highlight object:

Then within the set, you add a new view “Repeated Template”, select the template you just defined, and the result displays like this:

Or you have a type DocumentationNote, which documents a feature in some software library, program, or language you’re writing or using, each having an ExampleSnippet with a few lines of example code. You want detailed notes for each thing, but it’s also nice to browse a single-page summary of all the features, as a memory-refresher or introduction. So you define this template:

DocumentationNote template

And enjoy this convenient and readable overview:

Maybe you attach Prompt and Answer text relations to notes, which get displayed as the heading and body of a Toggle block in the repeated template, turning your set of notes into a set of flash cards. Maybe you define a template for ‘citation’ or ‘bibliography entry’, link to Highlight objects within your notes and filter them to create bibliographies and reference lists. Maybe you want to print off your entire Recipes set to keep your laptop out of the kitchen, but formatted and sorted in a specific way, so you unify them all under this single-page view and print that.


Well thought out request :smiley:

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Oh I like this request very much. It reminds me of a view Filemaker Pro used to have back in the day, which I’ve yet to see replicated in any modern tool. I did find it very handy. Basically the ability to have pages/records viewed sequentially in an endless scroll. With Filemaker you created Layouts in an editor and then could visualize them either as individual records, or in this “continuous” view, and it would thus emulate something very similar to what you’ve described. It’s definitely quite useful for certain purposes and would be a nice, unique feature for Anytype to get!

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