Set turned into "This object doesn't exist" and objects gone in Search and Library


I see the message “This object doesn’t exist” when I try to open an object. Happened twice in the last 1-2 weeks.

The first one:

I edited an existing page (created in desktop) in mobile. I only added a few mentions. Then “this object doesn’t exist” shows up in desktop even though the page is “Synced” in mobile. As of this writing, the page has turned into a loading box in desktop, but still accessible in mobile.

Tried to clear cache, but it never re-synced in desktop.

The second one:

In desktop, I created a new object type, new objects, and relations, then pulled it together in a new set. After restarting my computer, the set is no longer accessible. “This object doesn’t exist” shows up. My new object type and all the objects inside that set were also gone in Search and in Library. The relations still exist.


Not sure how as it happened in different scenarios. But both disappearances are recent activities in desktop.


New set/objects “doesn’t exist” in desktop after restarting pc/anytype. It should exist in the device where I created it.


Windows 10 — 0.29.1


This isn’t the first time my objects disappeared, though they happened differently in this bug report:

Disappearing Set and Objects


This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

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File>Account Debug, and ID of the object the problem is being experience with.

It may be tricky to get JUST the ID, so it’s better to get both the Account Debug and the current Object Debug (which is possible only in the case the object is able to load).

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What file name/s do I look for? There are too many folders and files in the Temp folder. Also, where to send? Thanks!

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it should select the file automatically but it’s called debug-sync.json
File>Account Debug>debug-sync.json

You can edit your post and upload logs directly to the report.

I tried uploading and it says it’s not an authorized extension.