Set of all movies I rated as "good" *or above*

Not sure how to word this, so here’s a simple example.

Let’s say I’d like to create a custom Relation for movie rating, which can accept the following values:

Note these are in order of bad to good. So it’s not just a bunch of tags.

I’d then want to be able to create a Set containing all movies I rated as Good or above.

In other words,.AT needs to know Great is above Good.

Edit: also, I’d like to be able to add/remove/change items without affecting existing filters (there’d be some edge cases here, but all solvable I think)

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Just add a filter too the set view;


Select the Rating relation, then Has any of and select the ratings you want (Good, Great, Amazing)


Yes, what you describe is useful. It would be a workaround for what I am asking.

I am requesting something different though. I want to be able to define a particular order for the items, and be able to use this order as basis for filtering.

This doesn’t seem to be the case right now. Another workaround is to use numbers, either in front of the text, or just numbers.

Yeah, numbers is another workaround.

This reminds me I used to have a spreadsheet (Calc) for tasks, and one column was Priority.
I wanted to be able to do the kind of sorting/filtering I mention in my OP, so I used numbers from 1-10.
The problem is I often got confused: is priority 1 very low, or is it top (first)? :smiley:

In a way my request can be seen as a way to attach strings to numbers in order to avoid such situations (and to improve usability).

By the way, I’m intentionally avoiding the term “tags” when talking about this, because I feel tags are usually (always?) non-ordered (ie. like a cloud).

Tags are already sorted, we just can’t change the sorting.

I don’t mean the order they display.

I mean an inherent order, that can be understood by AT and used as reference for sorting/filtering.

If a tag Relation has the tags Alpha Beta and Gama, these have no hierarchy. It’s just a cloud. They are just displayed in alphabetical order.

My request is a type of Relation where the order of the items is meaningful to AT (for filtering and sorting purposes).

(Note it would likely NOT be alphabetical, by the way. For example: Bad < Average < Good. )

This concept probably already exists, I just don’t know what its called

What I’m trying to tell you si that the order they are displayed in when you are picking tags already influences how they are sorted/filtered. We just currently don’t have a way to change that.

Got it! Thanks for explaining