Set layout width is unreadable in dark mode v0-38

What’s The Bug?

Set layout width is unreadable in dark mode, slider and text is too dark. v0-38

How To Reproduce It

  1. Go to object / layout / set layout width

Image or Video

The Expected Behavior

Contrast between dark background and slider / text.


Mac Mini M1 2020


Sonoma 14.2.1

Anytype Version


Technical Information

OS version: darwin arm64 14.2.1
App version: 0.38.0
Build number: build on 2024-01-23 17:45:05 +0000 UTC at #c71c64146c6e721ac39e01d450f38db5e6963f2e
Library version: v0.30.12
Anytype Identity: A9SCnHUkxJWmKsct5xNJnunvhDD9dRngPE8rzkqWEgqALs82
Analytics ID: 1a521f60-f071-48a4-9770-0d804485697c
Device ID: 12D3KooWPcTiir5NZhUvgkj4fn116bhHDU6RSUWP91MUGuGAh91V

Yep, noticed that too, already fixed.

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Dark mode color scheme code was reworked recently to allow easier themes integration so this is an outcome of this. Sorry for inconvinience.

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