Set Filter not working properly

I’ve created a set of my pages and filtered them using a custom relation I created - Company.
There are multiple views for the sets. All shows all of them but some views are not filtering data properly based on my custom relation.
It works again when I go to the page and remove and add the relation. I’m not sure if I’m using it wrong or if there’s a bug.
For confidentiality reasons, I can’t add an image here. I hope you guys can understand based on the details above.

I’m using an Appimage on Manjaro.

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@adityadixit I would suggest creating a test page, which doesn’t reveal any confidential content but can still demonstrate your problem with an image or video. Also very helpful if you can fill out the steps to arrive at the bug, this helps us understand what you’re trying to communicate as much as possible.

It sounds to me like you’re setting a relation and hoping that it will filter the content for the Set. With our relations restructuring due at the end of the month, something similarly flexible will be possible, but we already have Filters that can achieve a similar result.