Set elements in graph view?

Set elements in graph view?

Is there any way to see the elements contained on a set as children of the set in graph view? Maybe this has to do with something about the relations that I’m not understanding. At the moment the set elements only show up as orphans in the graph.


A set is simply a view of related objects and does not have any relations of it’s own. You can however link the objects in a set with the set by adding a new relation to each of the objects in the set and link them back to the set to create links in the graph.

Lets say X is the name of your type and S is the name of the set of X. a, b and c are objects of X that are in the set. What you could do is to create a new relation named Is in Set or some suitable name with the type object and add it to a, b & c (You can add the relation directly to type X and to a template of the type X to pre-populate it in future when you create new objects of type X). Now assign S as the value to the relation in all 3 of the objects and now when you check the graph, they should be linked to the set



I’m not sure that I understand what you said correctly.
Could you send a demo of you doing it?

Thanks in advance!

For sure, I’ll update this answer tomorrow with a demo :smile:

Here is the promised demo

In the video, you can see that I have an object type relation which I’m using to link the set to it’s elements. You can also use templates to pre-fill the relation so that new objects created will be automatically linked to the set

P.S: The reason for the rows disappearing and me going back and forth to the dashboard and the set is because of a bug where a set does not re-render when a value is changed