Set created in desktop shows up with a deleted type in mobile


I created 2 filtered sets from a single type in desktop. When viewed in mobile, it shows up as “no query selected” because “Type: Deleted”.

It’s the built-in type “Diary Entry”. It’s enabled in desktop, but I have renamed it to “Journal”.


As fas as I can recall:

  1. Enable “Diary Entry” from library and rename to “Journal”
  2. Create relations (tags) to divide Journal types into categories
  3. Create a page
  4. Insert 2 inline sets of Journal types inside page
  5. Filter by relation so each set shows a different journal type
  6. View in mobile


The contents of the set should show up when I click the inline set link in mobile.



  • Windows 10
  • 0.32.3


  • android 13
  • 22.10


Page and sets in both devices are synced.

Type came from the Library so it cannot be deleted.

Upon checking my Library in mobile, I noticed that the Diary Entry type is still disabled and not yet renamed to Journal, so it could be a sync issue within Types.

About 12+ hours have passed already since I noticed this in mobile. Even then the page/set says Synced.

Hi @Kerstie, thanks for the bug report. I will try to reproduce and let you know.

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Replicated with

OS version: linux x64 6.3.8-arch1-1
App version: 0.32.11-beta

OS version: Android 12 - LineageOS 19
App version: 0.22.10

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

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I think I am having the same issue. I have created a bunch of custom Types, and they are not synching over from mobile (Android 12 0.22.10) to Windows 10 (0.32.3). This is particularly frustrating as I am trying to move over from Logseq so have a large amount of pages to sort into types.

Yesterday, I created Types on Windows that did sync to mobile. Not sure if I had a different app version at that point.

Interestingly, on the Windows app if I try to add a type from the Anytype library that is already in the list of Types I have on my mobile such as recipe it does not import it into my library, it does not react.

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Hi @jmbmkn Try to give it some time. I don’t think types sync as fast as the contents within them.

Also, I suggest you submit a bug report specifically about your non-syncing and non-responsive type. I haven’t seen a bug report for that since the arrival of beta version.

Btw I am no longer experiencing this bug. It might have to do with my library syncing days after I posted this report.

hey @Kerstie , thanks for reporting, does this issue occur for you on the latest Android release - 0.24.5?

@eugene No, I think this one’s fixed along with Object type shows up as “Deleted type” after editing in mobile. Thanks!

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