Set & Collection: changing sorting order with only one single click in the header

What Do You Recommend?

When we click in the relations header bar (from a Set’s or Collection’s Grid) a menue appears.
It doesn’t matter if we use the left or right mouse key. - That’s strange!

My suggestion:
Differentiate between left and right mouse key.

  1. The right mouse key should further do what it already does - it is OK.

  2. But a click with the left mouse key should activate the sorting for this specific Relation.
    A second click should toggle between ascending and descending order.

How Could It Be Done?

A single click in the header cell should be enough for changing the sorting order!

  • It’s a very frequently used function to choose another Relation in the header for sorting, or to toggle the sorting direction.

Most programs indicate the sorting order by a little triangle symbol in the Grid’s header.
That’s not so important (in case it’s hard to implement), but it would further reduce the friction for new users.

Also it makes no sense that the App at the moment in different places often (as here the case) not differentiates between left and right click.
In most programs the right mouse key lets pop up a menu from which one can choose something. - That’s what is here already the case, but the left mouse key should have another function; the described one.

General for computer programs:

  • The left mouse key has usual this meaning:
    “I already know exactly what I want, and I want it now!”

  • While the right key’s meaning is usual:
    “I first want to see what I can do here, then I want to choose something from a list.”

To avoid friction and irritations, Anytype should adhere to such well established standards instead of unnecessarily going strange own ways.

Real World Use-Cases

The benefit would be a more fluid use with less friction and less irritations for new users.