Set changes not getting saved

Adding new relations in a set are not getting saved or uncompleted. 3 Times I put new relations, and it jumps back as it was and changes the sizes of the relation rows after I left the page and came back. Also, adding a filter don’t get updated in real time. Plus every time when I want to filter via tag the whole screen is getting white and freezes. Unfortuntily I was not able to send diagnostic data because I couldn’t find it or it didn’t work.

To Reproduce
Create a new set of your on type of objects. Set new relations and filter your pages. See if it works and your work is still there after closing the set.

@XxxBalCion HI! Is it in the 21.1 version?

No. Since the 21.1 update yesterday the problem is solved :slight_smile:

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@XxxBalCion Please, always write your current app version

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