Separate window for the writing area/editor (like Evernote)

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Having the ability to open the editor as a separate window. Not the another instance of anytype itself.

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Like Evernote. Evernote does this nicely where you can open editor in a separate windows

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Not sure what you mean here. The “Editor” is the page. It’s WYSIWYG. What parts of the “editor”, what functionality, do you want to be separate? Do you mean like Craft? (blocks sidebar), or do you mean the formatting toolbar (e.g. bold, italic, etc.) in a separate window?

@Oshyan Evernote takes the writing area ‘editor’ as a separate window if need be. In thispicture the app is ‘editor’ the place used to write is opened separately.

I’m still not entirely sure what you mean. When you say “Editor”, what specific functionality are you talking about? In the screenshot you show, I see a tree-like notes overview on the far left with a dark background, a collection of notes in a middle pane called “Fall Write of Passage”, and an editor for the contents of a note on the far right. In the background to the left appears to be another edit window, but I’m not clear what’s going on really.

@Oshyan Behind the Evernote. To the left. Smartsync outline.That’s what is ‘editor’ The background windows is what I’m mentioning.

Eg : You see the Evernote in the image right consisting of three column.

Left with the dark theme is the notebook area. Middle being notes area. And right being the view area of the selected notes. In Evernote you can open the view area separately when you click new note. I can’t clearly remember if you can also open the view area also separately but New Note can opened in the view area or as a new window.

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I always saw it as a gigantic waste of space.

And one can hardly compare Evernote’s strange Tree view and its very limited level of hierarchy with the scope of what’s Anytype allows.

You shouldn’t have any trouble navigating between your different Objects when the navigation by Tree view will be available (if it is well designed).

For certain workflows evernote is well enough. I agree that the hierarchy is quite limited.

People like having them or they don’t(roam).

But the discussion here is separating the editor separately like a new window because of lack of ability to view different objects at the same time.

Oh I see, but you don’t seem to have mentioned the precise reason on your request.

The lack of ability to view different objects at the same time is a real pain point, that’s why I mentioned the coming soon “Sidebar with navigation” that the Staff as announced on the roadmap.

And I reasonably think that it will fit your needs.

@AyneHancer This was created like 3 month ago. Also this is also quite like Ctrl+ N and a editor open on top of the current viewed object. Kind of like detached editor from Anytype. That’s how it was in evernote.

This is an alternate version to multi windows, roam like sidebar.

For Some scenario a pure editor like this is quite useful. Without distractions and navigation on it. Just writing and editor tools

Indeed, but it’s a pinned post that is frequently updated, for instance the last time was 8 days ago. :wink:

I would also love this feature, I would use it often. But I invite you to imagine this Tree view in the same way that Notion does. In particular, the way it gives us the possibility to hide it at will.

@qualquertipo gave us the opportunity to see what it could look like. Right there:

Are you sure it was this post? I haven’t touched this for a long time, until today.

Speaking of the issue. This(separate ediyor window) and sidebar is different.

What you are speaking of is evernote like tree structure right? Evernote like view is a separate feature request, which is created by me and it is an option. If people like that view it would get upvote if not then let that be. Devs focus is on community if enough people think they would like to have, devs will consider them.

Main problem with Any note-taking apps apart from the note taking app and its principles(encryption, offline) is the user.

Users have to use the app first and continue using them and be normal. And Notion is daunting and not simple at first and needs a lot of time to figure out the app.

People have a tendency to prefer simple things over complicated stuff.
If they like complex stuff, emacs and vim would be their main app choice.
Anytype with objects, relations, types and sets is confusing for newbie.

So, a simple view is useful. Navigation sidebar is useful. However, evernote is also a useful if the workflow is right enough. Navigation in notion, anytyoe is slower compared to evernote.

I don’t agree with notion sidebar is " the Solution ".

I would like it be better than notion, if possible. The graph view in particular from Anytype is the best graph implementation.

I thought that you replied to my link to the Release plan - A general roadmap.
We’ll make it, eventually. :rofl:

Not only, I was trying to show you that a sidebar that could be hidden on the fly could lead to this clean edition states that which seems to be the primary reason for your request (if I understood you correctly).

Intriguing, you’re the first one I’ve heard saying this, people usually instinctively understand Notion (its success is largely due to that). Discovering Notion was like finding a digital version of Lego’s for many people.

I totally agree this that! But I’m afraid I don’t understand the idea behind your “simple view”. I think we would all benefit from a visual demonstration of your vision. Could you do it?

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Primary reason is being able to have the editor detachable from the app. So that I could refer other documents and pages which I have stored in Anytype. (Also this could be solved allowing anytype to be opened multiple times)

Their success is mainly becuase of this factors:
Database, UI and nice editor and also highly promoted by Youtuber(ali abdaal etc)

You have used it from the time it was like beta?? You may not feel it. But for me at the initial time You would like in a forest lost the way. You may recognise which tree it is but what would you do with that. After seeing how other people use it became easier to understand.

I will show my thought process.
There are some core principles that I highly value from an app.(and many do)

  • Cross Platform apps(win, mac, linux, android, ios, ipados)
  • Offline
  • encryption (e2ee)
  • Text editor (with formatting and also able insert images, simple tables)
  • open source

with this mind. Let me compare other apps which are simple but lacks in one of this principles.

  1. Bear - mac only
  2. Standard notes - text editor is plain in base version and to upload images you have to many things. Not a simple drag and drop.
  3. Obsidian - not opensource

Anytype has all the principles currently except open source(yet)

This request and Evernote like view are requested mainly because of this

After Watching this video you can a workflow which is simple yet can produce great things. People mainly use notion for project management. Only some for everything.

Evernote like view as limited as it maybe is also its power. Just have a notebook on a topic and have all the notes in it relating to that. We can quickly switch between the notes. After all clicking notes opens the preview right in next pane.

A separate, detachable editor lets you easily copy the stuff you refer.easily and quickly.

Evernote view is a simple view because of how people are familiar with it. And every other(mostly) that’s in the world are similar to evernote.
We could have a toggle in settings. Traditional view, Default view. Like modern and classic view kind of things.

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Ok, I do now see the reasons for your request, I admit I initially had a hard time understanding why not to favor multiple-instance of Anytype. :sweat_smile:

Nope, I jumped in at the time of the public release, back in 2018. If you refer to the Databases, I imagine that at the time the absence of concrete demonstrations of use could have indeed be confusing.

I share all your core principles expectations, except that I’m annoyed that our embedded media files can’t be referenced in our OS’s. I guess it’s inherent to the encryption, but it limits the potential of Anytype quite a lot.
Thanks to the developers who seems to already working on a way to integrate local files into Anytype, that will be a sufficient alternative I think.

For sure! I constantly open multiple instance on software that allow’s it. Ctrl+Click on page link on Notion is a life saver for me.

I’m afraid I don’t understand if you’re referring to the “Open in new windows” option or if you’re talking about Evernote’s Side panel, can you specify which view you’re talking about?
Because as far as Evernote’s side panel is concerned, it is completely unnecessary in my opinion, because you can save a lot of space while keeping the same structure and the same speed of navigation between notes/pages, Notion has proven it well. e.g.­


Not side panel. Focus on Notebook View. This is important in Simple view. I don’t know how in current view it would look like but this is one of the fastest way to navigate between notes that I know.
With editor/preview panel showing notes to the right side of notebook view added for faster navigation.

Anytype it is hard(i.e not simple) for navigation and search(not powerful enough)

In the fourth image where you’re showing the closure of side panel I do think it necessary however wide space does not equate to faster reading. There is a reason for two column view in that size in academia paper,I heard, is that the structure let people read faster and which in turm helps right faster.

And our eyes focus properly on center while out focus on the sides as the widen.
In addition, this 1(sidebar), 2(notebook), 3(editor/preview panel) constitute as a “simple View”

Comparing image 2 and 3, you see the info that is revealed by a evernote is more that notion. Eg:
If you compare craft home screen and Anytype home screen. I would say craft is better in displaying the notes with the content.
Similarly evernote shows more content than Notion

Anytype sidebar navi is coming this year.

And Let ke make it clear.
The problem is not about sidebar. It’s about view.
Like notion or like Evernote.

Notion is good. Evernote is good. I hope we have both of these option in Anytype. We can use Notion view for one workspace(spaces) and evernote for another. And being refer things from other workspaces would like 1+1=3.

Reason I say is this. People have solid and tested workflows they already have for evernote. A “tool” (depending upon people) I would say help people get their done efficiently and improve them.

Notion workflow is more like knowledge base for a company for others.

That is when they started taking seriously for notion tutorials. People now have their jobs basically for this purpose(tutorials and implementations)

You would be right if users wrote in full width, but this is almost never the case. The multi column layout that Notion or Anytype have allows us to compartmentalize the paragraphs in width and thus remain readable.

Thanks for the detail of what you call “Simple View”, then indeed, you could propose “a toggle in settings between Traditional/Simple and Default view.” but my guts tells me that this “Simple View” would not win the votes if we had to go to the suffrage. Just a hunch.

I think this is also a matter of personal preference. For my part, I think that the title of a note should be thoughtful enough thus referring to it to know what it contains should be logic. I would rather see it as an unfortunate digital assist than as an augmented experience.

I bet Evernote won’t be around in 20 years. Adapting, changing and evolving is what the universe and by extension its creatures are all about. You are right to say that these are tools at our service and as such, they must be well designed, but the tools evolve and so does the practice.
Imagine if the majority of writers had continued to write on typewriters rather than on computers because that was all anyone wrote with back then! New technology has a polarizing effect, it enthuses the innovators and scares the conservationists.

No one can have overall statistics on the subject, not even Notion’s headquarter.

Have you heard of the lindy effect? We can expect evernote be here for another 16+years. However it depends on how they make their software and management. There is no currently, mature note taking app with a sustainable business model.
But things like DAO and crypto are changing some fundamental things. Anytype should be mainstream note taking app. This will be a good choice.

From my observation so far that was case.

Roam research changed many things definitely. Tools evolve, i agree. Logseq and athens research are improving on roam research in their own way.
But writing always remains constant. What helps a writer write will thus stay longer.

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Do you like the current home screen buttons ?

I would personally have it like craft’s button with context

So I looked into it and honestly this parallel with inertia, as attractive as it may seem, is in my opinion a far-fetched hypothesis. The history of the world is full of counter-examples invalidating the Lindy effect.
It is above all a flagrant use of the Survivorship bias to be honest.

Keep in mind that this was only a bet, not a visionary prediction :wink:
I have to say that I’ve seen the Evernote neglecting their community since the beginning. Their community forum is a coffin of good ideas and a sad example of disregard for massively requested requests.
Their search engine is certainly the most powerful on the market, but it does not meet the same constraints as the new players on the market for various technological reasons, that is sadly in favor of Evernote’s obsolescence.

Let’s hope Anytype’s cloud storage will be then!

For sure, but it could be a long road to get there. Marketing will have to seduce, as word of mouth alone may take half a decade.

Not sure what you talking about here. Notion’s, Evernote’s or Anytype’s home screen? If you refer to, unfortunately it’s apple exclusive and their web access is not public yet, so I coundn’t try it. Could you videocap what you talking about?

Lindy effect isn’t universal but it is can be used as a mental model.

Yeah talking about the current home screen in Anytype. They are too simple and sometime I have to open an object to know what it is. app homescreen is similar to google keep in the way they present the title+ contents with the page.
I have made a feature request here