Separate View and Edit Modes

Currently, there is no distinction between view and edit modes. This causes problems when moving in and out of formatting. The problem primarily arises due to format activating characters being invisible. It is simple and more practical to let them be visible when editing, and can be removed when in View Mode.

See this request:

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen an editor have view/edit modes without it being a markdown editor, so I doubt that this would get implemented.

I would be happy with Anytype opening in read only by default, requiring some hot hotkey to allow edits. Could be as simple as a double click to add text, or some other shortcut to toggle between the two modes. If the toggle state is saved between restarts, it should not make any difference with the current way of writing. I would see it as a page lock, but app wide. In addition, like Oshyan suggests in his posts, a block edit vs text edit mode might make writing a smoother experience.


I also would like to see a view/edit toggle.

An alternative solution (that I believe would be easier to implement and produce the same results) would be to upgrade the “lock” feature:

  • make locking/unlocking much quicker and more accessible (in one click/tap, similar to Notion or Slite)
  • enable bulk locking/unlocking, to let us lock/unlock all objects in a Space or Collection

I had Obsidian in mind when writing this. It does distinguish between View (Render) and Edit modes and has the exact functionality of displaying the format activation characters when Editing, along with the styles applied. But that would be classified under markdown editor?