Semantic View for Workspace

I’m missing the ability to view the workspace as a semantic network. Since I use similar services, including for training, creating a knowledge base, the visibility of all content, acquired with the possibility of all the content of the workspace in the form of a semantic network, will be very useful.

A good example of semantic network implementation in TheBrain app:

Also a good option for implementing the semantic network in the app:

And in this link in the upper right corner is an interactive semantic web that you can interact with in real time:

[](Graph view - Obsidian Help)

Moreover, I want to be able not only to view workspace as a semantic network, but also to edit it:

    1. Group elements
    1. Add a description for each element, which can be shown / hidden by clicking the small button next to the word
    1. Add/Delete elements
    1. Establish and remove links between elements
    1. Attach links (several links) to the elements of the semantic network, which can link either to a page from the Anytype workspace or to any other web-address.

I think it will be convenient if there is an original semantic network that cannot be edited, and you can simply create duplicates of it, which can already be edited.

I also want the operations of moving elements across the semantic network to be somehow automated. To make it easy to arrange elements at an equal distance, in the center, and everything in this spirit. So that the program itself arranges everything as it should, or helps to do it, and you can focus on work, and not on moving the elements in the right way.

For example, if I have a main element in the semantic network, and I create two new elements originating from the main one, I want them to be automatically located immediately at an equal distance. And when the third element is added, it will also squeeze into these two, and there will be the same distance between the already three elements.

Good example of helping to move objects around the stage is Photoshop. It automatically reads the distance between objects, and when the moved object is at a distance that was already involved somewhere, it will automatically assign the object to that distance. But at the same time, if you need to move it a little further or closer, it will also easily allow you to do this. Photoshop also automatically reads the center, and an object can be easily placed in the center by simply moving it roughly to the center, and then the program will automatically snap this object exactly to the center.

I can’t find examples of this feature of Photoshop, but if you create several layers in it, place some elements on it, and just try to move them around the canvas, you will understand what it is about.