Self related filter (Self-Referencing Filters)?

Like in Notion ?

For example:
We all have the Type Task.
Then I create a Template “Task X” for the all new Tasks in that Type.
Template needs to contain All Children Tasks (if they exist) that are Related to the Current Task name (I use Inline Set of Tasks).
So if I create a new Task using my template “Task X” it has already selected relevant Filter (setuped the value → Name of the Template).
So that filter accepted the name of Template`s “Task X” to the name of the filter.
Otherwise we will be forced to manually choose Child tasks in the Inline Sets for every created “Task X”.

Is there a method to do that?

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Not possible at the moment. You can check if there is a FR for it already, and if there isn’t one, it’s probably a good idea to create one.


Thank you!
What is FR by the way?

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For this suggestion, I created a related feature request here.