Self-hosting ideal setup

Here I am going over some ideas i had for self hosting

I do want to say that self-hosting is not for everyone or for every circumstance but there several reason I think would be resendable.

I think that the ideal setup for me would be to have a online storage provider that is cheap and only a one time payment. I think this will exist one day because storage will become cheaper over time any ways. Once 5D storage becomes commercially available, the cost will drop a lot.

That said, I just wanted to post things here I find helpful or interesting in helping with this.

  • storage cost - I know AnyType would be a cool place to storage all of my files, including media files which takes up alot of space. It could be cheaper to buy my own storage for this.
  • One-Time-Payment - Keeping the files on your own storage would mean you would not have to think about running out of money to pay some storage provider.
  • Security - this could go both ways (not cloud or on-prem is full secure) but really i think for some people/business, just feel better if it was stored locally or could be there policy.

Those are just a few ideas. i am sure there is more.


I thought this was interesting way to also connect locally. seems like a simple and secure way.

Anther thing i wanted to mention was how that Personal servers have changed my perspective on the personal computer.
That was one thing Steve Job did well with. Making the personal computer accessible and easy to use for everyone one.

I see the same thing happening with personal Servers! I guess you could say that your PC is basically a personal server also. This is one of the reasons I love AnyType. They are building a foundation that could lead to so many more things.

I found an example of a personal server and thought it would be cool to share here. I could see AnyType being install on this some day. I like how easy they have made it to setup and install apps. I think there still more thats needed to be added but this is still useful and cool.
I like the media aspect of it.