Selective Synchronization

I think selective syncing would be quite useful as there might always be some pages you wouldn’t want to see on other devices; for example, you could have a document that contains gigabytes of data, which you wouldn’t want on your phone because it would take up too much space or simply the document contains a database that you don’t need to view on your mobile device.

I was wondering whether a feature that allows you to select pages to be synced will/could be implemented and what my fellow testers think about it.


@BGray Thinking about it, that does sound like something I might need in the long run, I’m using anytype to keep track of collections, school stuff, personal research, and investigations, among other things. And while right now I don’t have much since I’m still getting things sorted out, I can see the size of some pages getting out of hand rather quickly.

A way to prevent certain things from syncing to my phone or make them only viewable on my phone as long as it able to communicate with my computer could come in handy.

Maybe like some sort of label or blacklisting system to prevent them from syncing to the phone.

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Currently Anytype syncs every page to every device. However once a collection starts to grow, I don’t need any page on any device. Especially not on mobile, where disk space is often limited. Have you ever considered to just show the page, but not sync the content yet and add an option, like “sync now” button, to activate the syncing of single pages?

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Hi, I would like to have more control over syncing too. I am not opposed to having all the content syncronized, but can understand this request. In the same spirit of jon4h question, I would like to have a setting to choose the type of synchronization. Like never synchronise via Internet but just offline via peer 2 peer. Possibly, for some pages with more delicate content, I would like to being able to set syncronisation type to “just offline/never online”.

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[Duplicate of 187](Selective Synchronization).

@jon4h @BGray @BrymalDX @Pierre

Hey! Thanks for pouring out your thoughts on the selective sync feature.

We are looking in the same direction — this feature discussion is in heavy rotation inside our team.

Last time we thought about Apple’s app’s offloading approach. Imagine objects and data offloading to the main peer/backup node after being unused for a long period of time. Also, as you mentioned above, we can add some flag — not to sync, preventive sync, stream from device, or something like that.


Hi @Vova I’m not familiar with the approach you mention but selective synching is critical for me too.

I don’t need or want (due to space)all my notes on all my devices.

I’ve used Evernote for 12+ years and selective synching (essentially by notebook) and offline writing (which they’re kinda dropping) were the 2 reasons I started using it.

Combining hierarchy and selective synching I am junk would be another option; “Synch this page and everything under it”.

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