Select template when add a now object/row in set

I like to add a new row from within a set.
When i click on the + in the top right corner a new row is created.
I would like to see that a popup will appear when you can select a template that belongs to the type

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Template popup selection when creating new object/row in a set

I do believe that if you have multiple templates set for a Type, pressing the + button should bring up a popup asking which template you’d like to use.


Is this not working for you? If so, can you confirm that the Type you’re trying to create has multiple templates?

I only have one template. But still i would expect that i could select this template.
Now i have the click on the + so a row is created with the name ‘untitled’.
Depending on you ‘sort settings’ i have to scroll the set to find the newly created ‘untitled’ object.
After that i have to click on untitled so the template will show and i can add the rest of the information.

I’ve made two screen video’s
I would expect the behaviour when creating a object from within a set to be the same as when created from within a type.

So you want want the beaviour of a pop up for the new object?
The original topic is obsolete, right? Because you have the option to choose the template.

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I think so