Select multiple pages in graph and delete

I am new user of Anytype and have been testing it.
One of the things I tested was to import data from my Notion database with my ‘contacts’.
It wasn’t so clever to import the whole database because it is approx. 200 contacts.

After the import was done I realized that it was imported in a different way than I thought it will.
(I though it would be creating all properties/relations from Notion database but it added that data as text , this doesn’t allow me to display it in different columns and format/sort it right away)

I looked inside the graph view so I can delete each one I imported.
As you can understand it took a little bit of time having to go to Graph View and then:
find one of the orphan pages > click on orphan page > click on open > Click on three dots > Click on Move to bin > Go back to Graph view > repeat.

My suggestion would be to add a function that allows users to select multiple orphan pages from inside graph view and move them to bin. That would save tons of time for people that make same mistake.
It should probably not be active by default but there should be a checkbox/toggle function in settings that allows users to activate that (and maybe warn them that they could by mistake delete things they don’t want).

The way users could then delete could be by going to Graph view, holding down CMD/CTRL and clicking on each of the pages they want to delete. After selecting pages there could be a button appearing saying ‘Move to bin’.


I think that such a function should instead be enabled by default, otherwise it would be like a browser where you can’t select multiple tabs by default, it would be constraining to have to enable this basic function to be able to do so.

But I would add that in addition to CMD/CTRL+Selection,
I would like to be able to Click+Select Area to go even faster.

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I did the exact same thing !

As soon as I had my alpha key, I tried the Notion import. The thing is : I didn’t learn the difference between both software before. And I was like If it won't work I will just delete my import. But It’s impossible to do a massive deletion.
As a solution, I’ll email the support to reset my account.

I would like to be able to Click+Select Area to go even faster.

Area selection is for me the most instinctive way to select Page in graph view

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I see no other way to mass delete. This feature would be incredibly helpful and it’s something I’ve been looking for to clean up my graph.

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@Micheal batch delete is now possible in Sets :slight_smile:


That’s great, I have been using that feature. However, I’m struggling to clear my graph from old or unused objects. For example, a lot of the welcome content that is loaded in upon account creation is either a common type (page) or a different type. So it’s hard for me to go through a set to delete a section of my graph when, for example, I have a lot of page objects. Similarly, with objects of different types, I would need to create a set for each and then filter through to delete the section of the graph in question.


This is now implemented! Just keep pressed shift, select multiple objects in the graph view and then use the right click.