"Select Account Error" after update to iOS Testflight build v.0.25.0 (25) (+ App Store)


After updating to the latest iOS Testflight build (version 0.25.0 (25)), I was logged out upon first launch of the application. An error message “Select account error” is shown when trying to log back in via QR code scanning or keychain regardless of internet connection type (Wi-Fi or 5G). The secret phrase used is confirmed to be correct.

This bug is also present at the latest App Store build (0.25.0)


  1. Update to the latest iOS Testflight build (version 0.25.0 (25)).
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Try to log back in using QR code scanning or keychain.
  4. See the error message “Select account error” pop up.


Upon launching the application after the update, I expected to remain logged in or be able to log back in without any issues using the QR code scanning or keychain, given that my secret phrase is correct.


  • Device: iPhone 14 Pro
  • OS: iOS 17
  • Anytype Version: v.0.25.0 (25)

Hi, thank you for the report!
Can you please go to the Personal Space → About and copy by tap Tech info at the bottom of the screen?
Send me this info by email joe_pusya@anytype.io
Many thanks!

I’m not sure where to find this. As I mentioned in the first post, I’ve been logged out. The options available are “Generate new account” and “I already have one.” When I tap on “I already have one,” it takes me to the login page where both the QR code and Use Keychain options give the error mentioned in the first post (Select account error).

I’m sorry, I thought that you can log in via phrase (when typing).
We plan to release patch version in the next few days - hope it helps!
I’ll message you when it can be checked :pray:

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I downloaded the latest version, 0.25.1 (1), from TestFlight. Now, upon first launch, I’m logged in and everything appears to be fine. I didn’t have to enter the passphrase at all. The application remembered my account from before.

I’m glad the problem was solved :pray:

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