Search popup location glitch

Describe the bug
The search popup seems to be on a fixed position that is moving, when scrolling on the page.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go into object that has enough content to be scrollable
  2. Scroll down
  3. open search

Scrolling down a bit:


Until the search is out of the view.

Expected behavior
The search popup being on the same location, independent from the location in the object.

System Information:

  • OS: Linux
  • Anytype Version: 0.24.0

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The same on Windows 10.

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Hello, sorry if this is a duplicate!

The Bug
When the global search bar is launched (CTRL + S), its position is moved depending on how far the user is (vertically) within the document.

When scrolling too far down, the search bar disappears entirely (as it is too low).

To Reproduce

  1. Open an object with a long scrollbar
  2. Launch global search via CTRL [CMD] + S
  3. Exit search, scroll further down the object, and repeat

Expected Behavior

  1. The global search bar does follow the user as they scroll throughout the document, but does not go lower than the centre of the screen’s height.
  2. The search bar stays locked to the top of the screen, as it was before version 0.24.0.

System Information:
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (Version 10.0.19042)
Anytype Version 0.24.0

Thank you for reading, hope you have a great day!

Describe the bug
The search pane is moved down the more you scroll down, so eventually it doesn’t even show up on the screen if you scroll far enough.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to any set or object.
  2. Scroll down a bit.
  3. Click on the search pane.
  4. See the pane show up bellow where it should be showing up.

Expected behavior
The search pane should always open up at the top.

System Information:

  • OS: e.g. Win 11
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Dell G3 3590
  • Anytype Version: e.g. 0.24.0

Hey, i will merge your topic, with this one:

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Fixed in 0.25.0.
Thanks Team.