Search in Japanese returns unrelated results

Describe the bug

Whenever I search objects in Japanese language, Anytype suggests objects which don’t contain the word/character I entered. These are not random (same results for same search query), just unrelated.

I also tested this in English and Russian with the word I haven’t used in any object, and found that Anytype returns 0 result in such a case. For now, this never happens when the search query contains hiragana or kanji character. On the other hands, searching with an unused katakana word like “ディズニー” (Disney) works fine.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Search with hiragana or kanji characters from the top bar.
  2. The search function returns unrelated results.

Expected behavior

When I searched for the word “墓”(grave) and “ほおずき” (ground cherry) which I certainly did not use in any object, but it returned multiple objects from contacts to inventories to TV series. Even when I searched for a used word like “歯科” (dentist), the correct result showed up in the bottom.

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 10 Home Edition
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Custom PC
  • Anytype Version: 0.24.0 (screenshorts are from version 0.23.5)

@MilkyMilky Would you be so kind to check if this is bug is still in 0.29.1?

Sorry for the slow response. Just tested on 0.29.1. Unfortunately, I still have exact same issue.

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@MilkyMilky Once again. Let me know if this is still an issue with the beta.

So sorry for the very slow reply again! Now it seems to be working fine.

@Flip In Version: 0.32.17-beta, I encountered the same problem when searching with Chinese characters.

When there are fewer Chinese characters, the relevance is strong and only a small amount of irrelevant content will appear. As the number of Chinese characters increases, the amount of irrelevant content will gradually increase.

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