Search in images and image-based PDF, etc. - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I like to have textpassages of writings or a text of a book in my notes but don’t like to type it myself.

And beeing able to search trhough memories, like photographed birthdaycards.

Describe the solution you’d like

Inbuild OCR to right-click on pictures and choose ‘OCR’-it.

Friends keep telling me of Evernote in that sense.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

using a third party app, e.g. Camscanner or Evernote and sending the note over. but… no :smiley: in terms of dataprivacy no valid option.


feature request

Search needs some big update. One of which is Find Text from images and pdf documents.


Find text from images and pdf like how evernote does.


+1 for this. Really handy for making notes


I think this is a highly underrated feature that OneNote offers. The combination of OCR and good search brings so much value!


Hello everyone :nerd_face: Thanks for rising this up. I will add this idea in our product backlog.
For now Anytype is not really optimised for working with visual information like pdf and images. And we want address this request as a part of integral initiative “visual content as a first class citizen” to provide solid experience.
For now we are actively preparing for public release and we could start this initiative after public release.

  • 1 for the feature. My use for Evernote is primarily because of if it’s excellent search capabilities especially in the pdfs.


OCR would be great: +1.

But as a first step I’d be quite satisfied for Anytype to search the contents of PDFs that already have a text-element layer: +11.


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+1, Evernote is quite impressive!

+1 from me. OCR would be huge :slight_smile: