Search in contents of Indexable Attachments such as PDFs, TXT, etc

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Not a “problem”, but an annoyance when I compare it to the other note-taking apps I’m accustomed to. Perhaps this is on the roadmap?

Describe the solution you’d like

If we attach a text based file within a Page, I would like the Pages containing those files to show up in search, when we search for a string contained within the contents of the attachment itself, This way, when we open the retrieved page, we can reference the context from the attachment. Ideally, some indicator would appear somewhere to let us know that the string was found in the attachment itself.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

To get around this, I usually have a table or a list of some sort in my other apps that don’t support it, to summarize what each file contains, but that misses all of the contextual nuances contained within the attachment itself, especially as your repo of notes grows

Additional context

Apps like Evernote and Nimbus Note accomplish this feature, and since discovering it, it is a must-have for me. These apps even go so far as to extract the text from images a well (ie photos of a business card) [OCR] so that information gets indexed and can be retrieved in search. The lack of this feature in Notion is one of the factors that made me leave it, in favour of Nimbus Note.


@Oshyan this is similar to ocr post as well i.e search from attachment/pdf

It is not necessary to mention the staff, the use of the reporting system is more appropriate. :wink:

Yes. This is a feature I’ve been wanting as well!

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When using the search function text inside files is not included in the results.


Include text inside files in the search function.


would love to see this implemented in the near future! Or even to be able to search the media names, as right now media don’t seem to be searchable at all

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