Search for a specific text in all objects

My question is quite straightforward…

When I click on a object title at the top, I can search objects… smart !
So I thought that if I click on the search field at the bottom, I will be able to search any string inside ALL objects

But no… it shows “search object”… it looks like I can search for text only when I am inside an object ! (?)

Yet if I click on the search function in the bottom tool bar (backward / forward / graph / search / profile) and search for a sentence copied from a note (“Make sure there is no directions / orders”), I have A LOT of objects as a result.

Yet I should have only one result - the note from which I copied the sentence [I am sure it was not written in other objects I got as a result].

So it looks to me that the Search function is just a search of objects.
What do you think?

PS : I made sure to write the sentence into " " to make it look as a single string…

Both of these buttons do the same thing. They open the global search which searches through titles and all the text inside the objects. The only exception is the data inside relations; this is excluded at the moment.

The search is also a fuzzy search of some sorts. So if you copy a whole sentence, it will still show some other results.

Quotation marks also don’t do anything at the moment (or any other symbols). There’s no regex or anything like that at all.

Argh ! Ok… thanx ! Hope this will improve in the future :slight_smile:

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