Search by tag. Marking on a text fragment

Hello. I’m taking notes on a certain topic on a page and I want to tag a paragraph. In different summaries, these are different tags, but there are several paragraphs with one tag, for example.
Two questions: 1. Is it possible to quickly click on this tag and show all the text fragments that are marked with such a tag? 2. Is it possible to make the tag an object in “Relation”?

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Unfortunately, no one is responding :frowning:

I’d also like that functionality. It’s present in a few other similar apps, such as RemNote.

As far as I know, it’s not possible in Anytype due to paragraphs not being Objects. There are a few discussions in the forum about making Anytype’s data structure more granular. For example:

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Thank you for your feedback and support. How have you organized and solved your problem at the moment? Maybe show it in private messages?

No solution, sorry! I’m not currently using Anytype actively, as it’s still quite unstable. I’ve been just doing a bunch of tests.