Search behavior with linked objects

I have a question about how Anytype’s Search works or should be expected to work wrt linked objects.

I really like and embrace Anytype links and the graph concept.
I often find myself creating separate objects that are named the same (using a minimal title),
but would be identified by its links.
E.g. say I have the following objects, where (X) identifies a unique object
parking (A) → airport (B) → Zurich
parking (C) → Zurich
parking (D) → airport (E) → Malaga
parking (F) → Malaga

I.e. I keep a “parking” object to hold all the information about parking at the airport in Malaga,
another for parking in Malaga in general.
Similarly I have “parking” objects for information regarding parking at the Zurich airport or Zurich in general.

Ideally, I would expect Search to behave like this:

  • query “parking Zurich airport” → shows A as result
  • query “parking Zurich” → shows A and C as result
  • query “parking airport” → shows A and D as result
  • query “parking” → shows A, C, D, F as results

This does not seem to be the case right now.
What’s the current developers’ view on this?
Where can I find more details about how the global Search functionality is implemented or any current plans/opportunities to extend it?

This is currently all there is when it comes to search in the documentation. The global search feature doesn’t search trough relations at all, only trough the text blocks in the canvas.

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