Search Bar - Enter first result with "Enter" / select first result by default

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When using the search bar at the top to find an object, I think it would be nice to just “enter” and open the first result, so that another press of arrow down is not necessary.

Describe the solution you’d like

Always select the first result per default. It just would make the workflow with keyboard and shortcuts one step easier.


When I bring up the Search Pane and start typing, I’d like the top search result to always be selected by default, so I can just hit ENTER once my desired hit is found.

Not always the result on the very top is the desired one. However often it is. Why not have it pre-selected. Would save a :arrow_down: keystroke.

Not sure if this might bring on usability issues, but to me it seems to be an unnecessary step. (especially since currently ENTER does nothing in this context)

In the example below, I think the first result “Type something…” should be selected.


Seems to be the same as this one:

Would merge them, if you are ok with it?

Sorry for that. I always search for existing posts, but often miss them!

Yes, please merge!

I adjusted the title to include the “select by default” part.

Would also appreciate the addition of this feature to the template selection menu:

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In any list of options that filters down as you type (for example, adding tags), have the option currently on top always be selected by default.

That way it’s enough to type the first characters of what you want, and then just hit ENTER, without needing to use arrow keys or click.

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+1 (A comprehensive anytype first impression)