Search and Edit - Keyboard Workflow

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When writing notes I mainly use only my keyboard. I see myself often search something in the global search, then opening it with “arrow down” and “enter”. Then the page is opened.

I didnt find any shortcut that is used for “jump into document” or something like this.

A double “enter” inserts a new line on the first line. When I open a page to write something new in it, I nearly always want to append at the end.

Describe the solution you’d like

I would like a shortcut or workflow, that brings me to the end of the page, when I’m coming directly from a search.

Ctrl+E (E for edit) is the first that came to my mind, is used for the emoji menu. But since after “entering” a search result I’m not in an “edit” mode, the emoji menu will not launch either. So we could use that Shortcut here?

I’m open for alternatives.

Additional context

Another thing i saw. Don’t know if thats something “important”.

When I press ctrl+S and search something, then choose and press enter. Then a page opens as expected.

I can know double press enter, like mentioned, to somehow get into “edit” mode.

When I press any other key before the double enter, I can press enter multiple times, but nothing happens anymore.

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