Scripting with/and buttons

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It’s probably already been asked for, but would like to share my thoughts on internal automation of objects. I suppose some of these ideas would need the API to work.

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I think object events that trigger some form of scripting is rather basic. You could trigger the creation of the same task with a time interval stored as a relation when the task is done.

On top of that I would like to have a button object that manually triggers scripting. When it comes to creating invoices I think of the use case where an invoice would get objects added to it, not as a set or a subset, but in some sort of spreadsheet object. These items would show their stored prices and a total would be calculated. To prevent these prices to be updated on every invoice when the object is changed, some form of finalising the invoice would be helpful, f.e. with the press of a button. The objects would still be linked (so you could use the graph to see to whom you’ve already sold this item). The prices would be detached from the object.


It makes me think of
It would be very useful indeed :smiley:

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