Review after using Anytype for 6+ weeks

TLDR - Love the UI (feels like a Mac app) and offline features of Anytype. I use desktop Mac OS and mobile iOS. I appreciate the founders and staff being transparent and taking feedback graciously to improve the product. Looking forward to the October '23 update!

Here’s the full blog post:


Hi Curie, I have read your review, sounds good and I’m in line with all your points except a tiny remark on the end: “Users can choose from light mode, dark mode, or system controlled mode”, which I didn’t find so far :flushed:

Hi @Roland53! The light/dark/system modes are under Account Settings/Appearance or the icon on the bottom toolbar. It’s different from the Space Settings at the top of the sidebar widget area.
The default icon for Account and Space were the same (an orange circle), so I didn’t realize at first that these were 2 separate settings. :thinking:
I’m using Anytype Desktop Beta ver 0.35.4 on Mac OS Sonoma 14.0 and Anytype Mobile Beta ver 0.25.1 on iOS 16.7.1. So it’s possibly a bug if can’t find this setting in your app.

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