Restart the computer, but the note lost


After being connected to the Internet for a period of time, disable the network, and then synchronize the notes after connecting, causing the new notes to disappear


  1. Using anytype online with for a period of time
  2. Use firewall outbound rules and inbound rules to disable anytype networking
  3. Using anytype for a period of time
  4. Restart the PC
  5. Some notes disappeared
  6. When I delete firewall rules, I can synchronize a part of the work I have done before.


  1. Add a manual save button.
  2. When synchronizing, people can choose the version (the default setting is to synchronize the latest version, but an option switch can be added)


  • OS:
    Windows 10
  • Device:
    Assemble desktop. R5 5600G, KLEVV BOLT X 16G *2, SAMSUNG 980 pro 1T,GIGABYTE B450i AORUS PRO WIFI, Maxsun GTX1080Ti Super JetStream 11G
  • Anytype Version:


maybe like this: Anytype reset to original when i restart the computer - Bug Reports - Anytype Community

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Please repeat your process while doing the following:

  1. Create your note with the connection cut of.
  2. Create “Account debug” and “Current object debug”
  3. Go along with your process of reproducing and after the note is lost, create a second “Account debug”.(Make sure to copy the first one away to make sure it’s not overwritten).
    Upload all those here (there is no sensitive information in it) or mail them to with a reference to this topic (and post here if you have done so).

This will help the devs to see if it is actually gone or something else happened.

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There seems to be no problem this time, and I tested that my notes were not lost 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 4 hours after the firewall rules were established, but I still submitted the bug to you, hoping it would be helpful
anytype (803.2 KB)

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

So you’re no longer having this issue?

I have had the same problem just like @VictoryForU. I lost a whole note as well during syncing issues. Windows 11 Version 0.29.1

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Yes, there are no problems now.


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