Responsive page views with Sets

Would be nice to have responsive pages to accommodate my screens

Hi @edferrigan, thanks for posting. You seem to point out at least two different behaviors that might not match what you would like to see (I don’t have audio at the moment, so there might be a voice over to the screen recording that I’m missing!):

  1. The long text in the “Fleeting Notes” Relation barely fits on the screen.
  2. The Set rows do not scale properly when adjusting the screen size.

For the first point, I suspect that Relations are not intended to hold such long texts, and that it is expected by the developers that Relations will hold a couple of lines of text at most. The fact that you are putting so much information in a Relation is not wrong, though! I think either the input of content in Relation fields needs to be limited to a certain number of characters, or displaying the information in a Set should be adjusted to for example a preview with vertical scrollbars. I suggest you rewrite this Feature Request or make a separate Feature Request for this.

For the second point, I think you see horizontal scrollbars that allow you to scroll left and right. There is a minimum width for Sets, which is based on the content of the Relations you have visible as columns in the Set. You can either manually adjust the width of the columns to prevent the need of horizontal scrollbars, or you can hide some columns to achieve the same. I suggest making a new Feature Request for this (or rewrite this existing one, depending on your decision for topic 1) to have the columns automatically change width when changing the window width.