Reset Account


just got my invitation to anytype.
I think i deleted something important because when i create a page for example and create a relationship to a “Human” Object I doesnt have my account there. The selection is empty. Is there a way to reset my account to the state after a fresh registration? (With the getting started and advanced guides)

Thank you all!

Also is there a collaboration feature yet? Wanna use it for my business.

Hi @louis! You can open your own profile/human object via the dashboard or side bar. See this bug report which should explain the issue you have:

It is possible you cannot see this topic as it is posted in a hidden category, but in short, it describes you cannot find your own account/profile object via any of the search or filter options.

In case you do want to reset your account you can delete your account from the settings menu and create a new one using the same invite code (up to 5 times).

Not yet, see here for the roadmap:

ETA is 2023.Q3