Reset account and evolution for Notion Import

I’d like to try importing from Notion again.

Last time, I imported a base that literally rotted AnyType. That’s why I’m taking advantage of this migration to start again with a clean base.

  • Is it possible to delete the integration of an Anytype account (without deleting the account, just to start again clean)?

  • Have there been any changes in the Notion import? It’s not really worth testing if nothing has changed ^^

Thanks for your help!

  1. You can’t start again clean, but you can just create a new account instead.
  2. An import trough the API has been introduced a while ago, which seems to be a lot better than before.

@isle9 is right that it is just easiest to create a new account to achieve this. There is no easy method of cleaning up an existing workspace, and while you can use sets to get most of it gone, certain things can sometimes remain and it can be problematic. Check out this topic if you would like to keep your current account and try to remove everything:

Before opening a request… this feature is marked as Implemented, is it wrong?

I can’t delete/recreate account. I can, but I have to ask the storage extension each time (when I’m already waiting for it to be done for this new account), I risk saturating the support :grin:.

I’ll see about creating a “trash” test account, but I don’t think you can choose an account when you launch Anytype. I’ll look into it (unless you’ve already got some tips for that?).

I’m sure they will be fine with a few extra emails. Also, you can ask for extra storage only when you settle in on an account, and that way you’ll only need to ask once.

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