Requesting calendar as one of the main tabs

At any given point of time, people are creating different documents and pages with different goals in mind.

Oftentimes, those are associated with a deadline as well.

Having a calendar view helps bring all the deadlines in view, especially helpful if there was something jotted down long back.

Describe the solution you’d like

A tab titled ‘Calendar’ right along Inbox, Favorites, Sets etc.

Why as a Tab? The moment I start my day, I can check the calendar and see what would be a priority task with minimal steps rather than going through major docs and objects and then finding what needs to be done

Use Cases:

  • Habit Trackers

  • Deadlines

  • Personal CRMs (bdays)

  • Professional CRMs (follow-ups)

  • Social Media Postings (Marketing Profession)

  • Pending and Upcoming Tasks

  • Upcoming Meetings


Calendar is planned as a View for Sets. This here is a distinct feature request though, so I won’t merge it. Although do just be aware that calendar is unlikely to be added to the current Home design since it will be a part of Sets.


Oh well tab would be nice so I can also see things that are not part of sets too

What would be awesome (I think) is a master calendar, that just shows every and any date (relation) within Anytype. This will probably not be possible and/or make this calendar very slow, but I think it could be very useful and awesome to have.


I’m pretty sure it is planned to be able to create a Set out of a Relation. And with the calendar view for Sets, this should mean you can actually do exactly what you’re suggesting!

@Jeroen Yes indeed but where that calendar would be nested would have a great say in the productivity it would offer. I feel as a main tab you can just 1-tap to find your to-dos, activities, due dates etc and that will be super helpful

@abheek Well, we have w whole dashboard with lots of empty space. Perhaps widgets could be added like a quick view of your main calendar (or others if you like).

Ofcourse a link or button to that calendar would do wonders as well :grinning:

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@Jeroen I like the idea of “widgets”. But perhaps it’s kind of just like embedding of a page into another page, especially a Set (which in this case would be using Calendar View). Make sense?

So basically if the Home/Dashboard page were just like any other page and you could edit its contents freely, you could just embed a calendar View there for this, resize it into a column at whatever size you want, etc.

If you have more ideas for “widgets” that would not be addressed by the planned “embed Set View in Page” concept, definitely post a new feature request!



Feels like widgets would just be fancy embedding.

The implementation would also decide the usability of the widget concept as a whole

I was just wishing for this the other day. I would really love it if we can have a Calendar set that works the same way as the Task Tracker, something that captures all dates into a master Calendar, and then have options to sort/filter as necessary.



I think it will supercharge productivity, and will be more than just to-dos


also i might add a notification system and reminders

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I think I read somewhere that these features will be implemented, I am not sure on the ETA, however.

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