Request for Calendar view & Timeline view

Any plan to introduce calendar and timeline support, with keywords for teams?


Calendar will be available as a view for Sets later.

Anytype for Teams is a huge milestone that are planned to go after personal OS use cases like knowledge base, PMS, etc.


@Vova quick question, is this gonna support CalDAV in some way? It could be useful not only to use calendar apps but more important to import events invitations, etc.


Yes, you can upvote this features, so it will prioritises higher: and


@Vova Thanks, will do!

PS: feels nice to see on of your own post linked, hehe

Any chance this gets prioritized after the public launch?

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It will not be done before public launch. But after launch it is possible, especially in collaboration usecase. Cannot give any predictions but this one 100% in our sight.


Great, it was a bit weird that I haven’t seen it anywhere because this does seem like something that should be decently important when it comes to collaboration. Glad to hear that it’s on the radar!

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I tried the 0.28.0 version and they still don’t have this function. The whole database concept of notion gets compromised without a calendar view and a sound kanban view. I think anytype team needs to spend some time resetting their priority. focusing more on the note taking itself not the encryption, not the syncing.

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I also want that soon, but encryption and syncing are the base of Anytype, so it does make sense they want that to be solid before developing further features (which they are).