Rendering on some geometries causing flicker of UI elements

Describe the bug

The Desktop App seems to not be able to decide how to place the icons when it’s forced to behave in a “unusual” geometry of the window and some objects keeps flicking between two “valid” positions.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Open the anytype window in a “forced weird geometry” (like those of tiling window managers)

Expected behavior

A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Arch Linux (Qtile Window Manager)
  • Version: 0.18.59

Additional Information

I’m unsure this is reproducible in the usual geometries of Desktop Environments and I guess it has more to do with the rendering engine than the app itself.


I have the same Issue on my Win 10 laptop.

Can not say when this exact happens.

Most time with submenues like ‘new relation’ or the submenu for choosing the value of a tag (or create a new value for a tag).

@jotamudo @Michael Hi! I have been trying to reproduce it for a long time but I can’t. If you suddenly understand how to reproduce it, please, write here again

@Kirill_Lem I could imagine, that is an special hardware oder graphics-driver problem.

What is the best way todo a video, vlc ?

Is there a way to view attached videos without needing to download them? Very clumsy…

This is also mentioned elsewhere by @Oshyan

though I couldn’t tell if a solution was found or not.

@Michael Any recorder that you prefer

@Michael are you trying to record a video, I find OBS works best. but in settings change recording format to mp4 else flarum would not allow upload.

@qualquertipo I record with shareX

@Kirill_Lem In the last time, i have this behavior not more, and i can not more reproduce.

Do you have fixed somethings, with the latest versions ?

I apologize for this long delay on answering, I tested it just now and It’s still present in the same manner. I’ll soon test on another machine and with the X server rendering on the gpu in this laptop.

I tested it on a vivobook x512fj, 1080p screen and 120 DPI (Xft.dpi: 120 on .Xresources) on the X server running on the integrated UHD graphics 620 with qtile window manager, (if the configs help in any way, I’ll soon test it on another machine with a 1080p screen without the DPI setting and report it here.

@Kirill_Lem is there any manner to get the geometry of the anytype window via the cli? (a --verbose/–debug or something of that sort)

@Kirill_Lem About the weird geometry, the window is on 1920x1032 with the menubar in the conditions cited above (if you can force it)

@jotamudo About this, it’s finally fixed here :slight_smile:

@jotamudo Thank you for your feedback!