Removing the default Objects icons on Sidebar when none are defined


Currently Objects in the sidebar that do not have icons attached to them have a lettered icon assigned by default. It brings visual confusion in addition to being unnecessary.


Remove the default Objects icons on Sidebar ONLY when those Object have no icons defined.



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I’m thinking of other ways, where icons are usefull there.
I have document a lot of ports (like the network ports used for communication on pc).
Now I have always the first number of the port in the icon.
You’re right. That doesnt look good and doesnt make sense.

But if I could set an Icon in the template I use for them, I could give every port the same icon. (Setting an icon in the template doesnt look like its possible now).
Which would make the easer to see in the sidebar. So that may be also an option.

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So we both agree, but you must not have been paying attention to my solution. :wink:
Because I’m not against icons in the sidebar, just the default ones when none are already present.

@Flip I modified the visuals and the text so that there is no more ambiguity.

That would be nice, did you create a feature request for this?

You’re right. Read it a little different.

The request:

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