Remove search filter when search box closes

Windows 10

Anytype v 0.18.28


I agree this would be functional, I largely don’t see the point for the search on the dashboard at all. We already have a search that works program-wide. Its much less laggy, quicker than search on the dashboard, and can be accessed quickly via keyboard shortcut (ctrl + s). Once that is updated with result ordering, I feel it is repetive to have 2 searches exist on the dashboard when one of them is just more functional in every way. Unless I guess people feel it is important to only filter through Dashboard content


@DreamweaveVisuals As a follow-up, I assume it is largely because maybe when public pages get added there may be an entire redesign of how the global search works in general and I’m not quite sure what their plans are in that regard. I just generally think unless there is a reason I am missing, it is better to get users acquainted with what works best instead offering a less functional version of the same thing twice.

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@ichimga Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker