Release plan - A general roadmap UPDATED: 11 Jan 2022

The previous releases were

The next big releases will be

  • Darkmode iOS
  • Relations and Sets support in iOS
  • Sidebar with navigation
  • Backlinks
  • Inline Sets

Confirmed feature requests (no current ETA):

  • Embedding of popular services
  • Recurring/repeated tasks and relative date filters
  • Custom local storage path
  • Filesystem integration
  • APIs and integrations like Google Calendar
  • Kanban, Calendar views for Sets
  • Web Clipper
  • Sharing objects on the web
  • Multiplayer Anytype: collaboration, secure object sharing

Thanks for sharing that!

I’d personally prefer if Darkmode was left for later.
As important as I know it is to many, Anytype is still quite new and in need of many core functionalities.
Wouldn’t a pseudo-Darkmode do for now?